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Is Starmer a Brexiter now?

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In his latest blog, Frank McKenna argues that Keir Starmer is right to rule out the UKs return to the EU.

Starmer deserves more credit

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Frank McKenna explains why Keir Starmer deserves more credit for the job he has done as Labour leader since taking over from Jeremy Corbyn just three-years ago.

The UK is heading for a hung parliament

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Despite all the trials and tribulations suffered by the Conservative Party, and the country, since the 2019 election, Frank McKenna still thinks a hung parliament is the most likely outcome following the next national poll, expected in 2024.

Lack of Vision

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Jim was underwhelmed by the New Year speeches from the Prime Minister and Labour leader. He’s calling for some vision and leadership,particularly on social care. He also looks forward to a pivotal year in politics with important local election in the North West.

Is Labour ready for power?

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The Labour leadership has been meeting business leaders from the DIB network recently. But is the party ready for power?

Strikes: Labour’s cross to bear

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This week Jim looks at the dilemma strike action always poses for the Labour Party. Should Sir Keir Starmer back the rail workers or the workers disrupted by the strike?It is a problem with a long history for the party.

Labour needs to rediscover its common-sense gene

Unless and until Labour rediscovers its common-sense gene around complex issues such as transgender rights, it will never be in government. Frank McKenna’s latest blog focusses on Keir Starmer’s discomfort over the ‘culture wars’ issue that has dominated media interviews with politicians in recent weeks.

Burnham and Neville: The Dream team

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Jim gives his views on the leadership of Keir Starmer after two visits to Greater Manchester in a week by the Labour leader. He also asks why so few Chancellors make it to being Prime Minister.

Will ‘Big Dog’ Survive?

Its been a hectic start to the new year in the world of Westminster politics. Frank McKenna casts his eye on the scandals, the policies and the possible outcomes as ‘Big Dog’ fights for his political survival.

Labour’s renewal

For the first time in a long time, Labour looks like it could win a General Election. Read why, in Frank McKenna’s latest Downtown blog.

Big week for Labour and Starmer

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Keir Starmer and Labour host their conference in Brighton this week. Will the party show that it has learned the lessons of four consecutive General Election defeats – or continue its journey into political oblivion?

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