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Green retreat as Europe burns

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Jim looks forward to more difficult by elections for the government and fears for the green agenda after last week’s contests.

The Turmoil returns

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Jim reflects on the return of turmoil in British politics and its not just amongst the Tories. He looks at Sir Keir Starmer’s continuing purge of the left and changes at Town Halls across the region following the local elections.

All to play for

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It was a great local election result for Labour, so why do doubts remain that the Tory dragon has still not been slain? Jim gives full analysis to all the North West results.

Political limbo on strikes and Brexit

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Jim is frustrated by the lack of activity on two of the major issues facing the country, strikes and the consequences of Brexit. He also looks at the forthcoming by election in West Lancashire.

A disgraceful year for the Tories

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Jim isn’t filled with much Christmas cheer as he reviews a pretty awful year for the government. He recalls the disaster like an unending drama, but also thinks Labour has much to do to inspire people in 2023.

Tories face thumping in Chester

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Jim surveys the grim political landscape for North West Conservatives as a leading MP decides to quit, and the party faces defeat in next week’s Chester by election.

Tories rush to raise taxes

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Jim criticises the government for rushing through its social care proposals whilst acknowledging that Labour has no alternative.He also forecasts a change of priorities for the next leader of Manchester City Council.

Voting Lib Dem only way to match Farage

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Everyone in favour of a People’s Vote, or remaining in the EU, needs to get behind the Lib Dems in the Euro elections. That’s Jim Hancock’s conclusion following their strong showing in last week’s local elections. He also gives his full assessment of Town Hall voting across the North West and assesses the state of government talks with Labour on Brexit.

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