It may be the year of the North

Jim says this needs to be the year when Minister’s are held to their promises on real investment and devolution for the Northern Powerhouse.

The 51st State

This week Frank Mckenna reflects on the similarities of political tastes in the UK and the US and Boris Johnson launches a Trumpian-style defence of himself and his government.

100 years on from Versailles

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100 years ago the Versailles Treaty shaped the modern world we live in. But Vladimir Putin says liberal democracy is dead. Jim agrees there are certainly worrying signs.

If they can U-turn, why can’t you?

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After another tumultuous week in parliament, Frank McKenna argues that only a people’s vote can truly define what the ‘will of the people’ is – and he suggests our ‘special relationship’ with the States may not be that special in the future.

May’s last chance?

This week Jim contemplates the dramatic constitutional developments that are likely to accompany Mrs May’s last days. The Prime Minister may be nearly finished but according to Jim, Donald Trump could be on course for a second term.