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A week in America | 9 February 2024

  • by chris

From his perch in the US, Martin looks at the current political ding-dong back in the UK – and can’t help but share a few words of US advice…

A Week in America – 23 June 2023

This week Martin anticipates the state visit of Indian Premier Modi to America and wonders what will be said, and just as importantly, what won’t!

A week in America | 13 April 2023

  • by chris

As Premier League clubs announce a ban on gambling sponsors, Martin looks at how US and Global Sports brands are waking up to their wider social responsibilities…

Dude, It’s all about the money

  • by chris

In the next week, America’s businesses are set to report how Q1 2023 has mapped out, and what it will tell us for all of our economic fortunes… Martin looks at the trends and what he is hearing from businesses in the US.

The 51st State

  • by chris

This week Frank Mckenna reflects on the similarities of political tastes in the UK and the US and Boris Johnson launches a Trumpian-style defence of himself and his government.