November 28, 2019

Tweets of the Week | 29.11.2019

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Here is a selection of our favourite tweets from the past 7 days. This week’s tweets feature @dib_helen, @markosullivan08, @herbkim, @embassybus, @sophiepagey, @lbvmagazine and @cmckerr78.

Johnson could sweep the North West

Read Jim’s blog for a comprehensive analysis of the key battleground seats in the North West. It doesn’t paint a pretty picture for Labour who are switching tactics to try and shore up their position in the region.

Predicted Tory victory could help Labour

The more likely a Tory victory becomes, the more chance Labour has of winning back voters who have deserted them in Leave seats, so argues Downtown boss Frank McKenna in his latest blog. He also slams the BBCs election campaign coverage.

B&M Waste Services Recycling Partner for Radio City’s Cash for Kids ‘Mission Christmas’

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Continuing their pledge to help Mission Christmas by being a drop off point for those wishing to buy an ‘extra gift’ for a child who otherwise might end up with no presents this Christmas, B&M Waste Services are further supporting the Birkenhead HQ by offering free waste collections to ensure as much of the packaging is recycled as possible.