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April 30, 2020

Downtown Den #041 | The Future of Sport

  • by chris

Recently appointed shadow sports Minister Alison McGovern was in the Downtown Den, offering her views on how the football season may resume; how business can learn from sport; and what she hopes Birmingham can achieve by hosting the Commonwealth Games.

The Government are managing the crisis badly. Fact.

  • by chris

In his latest blog Frank McKenna explains why giving any government a ‘pass’, even during a crisis, would be an afront to democracy – and outlines why he thinks Boris Johnson and his colleagues are struggling to manage the Coronavirus crisis effectively.

Grimmer and grimmer

Could we be facing a year of Corvid crisis with all its implications for social and business disruption? That’s the fear that Jim expresses this week as he sees few lights at the end of the tunnel. He also speculates what might have happened if David Miliband had become Prime Minister 10 years ago.

Downtown Den Podcast #034 | Sacha Lord Live in the Den

  • by chris

The Night Time Economy Czar for Greater Manchester told us about the entrepreneurial approach and his first gig at the Hacienda that launched his fascinating journey into the world of music, events and hospitality.

Downtown Den #039 | Matt Jones

  • by chris

We welcome Matt Jones, Founder of Oxbridge Home Learning into the Downtown Den for a discussion with Downtown Birmingham Chair, Paul Cadman.