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B&M Waste’s ‘Refuse Not Refuge’ Campaign is Championed by National Homeless Charity, Crisis

B&M Waste Services continues to demonstrate their commitment to their nominated charity, Crisis, by actively working with them to raise awareness of ‘Refuse Not Refuge’ – a national campaign highlighting the dangers of sleeping in bins.

Crisis have begun promotion of the campaign at their prominent and widely-used Skylight London centre where ‘Refuse Not Refuge’ literature and posters will be available to its members. Skylight centres offer classes, workshops and activities for its members, as well as one-to-one attention and support. Following Skylight London, ‘Refuse Not Refuge’ leaflets will be distributed at other Skylight centres across the country.

Jayne Kennedy, Marketing Manager for B&M Waste Services, said “Our ‘Refuse Not Refuge’ campaign is an important step in raising awareness of the dangers that can arise from sleeping in bins. As a waste service provider, it’s obviously something that we’re very aware of – but, sadly, many people are not. We want to change that – and, with the help of Crisis, we’re hoping we can.”

As the larger bins – known as FEL containers – are dry and sheltered, homeless people or those under the influence of alcohol or drugs can see them as an appealing option against cold or wet weather. Sadly, however, there have been tragic incidents in recent years where people have taken refuge and been killed when a bin has been emptied. B&M staff undertake a risk assessment before any container is sited. If the customer or staff feel there may be any risk, B&M will provide a lockable container to prevent an incident.

To find out more about Refuse Not Refuge, please call 0330 1234 100 or email

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