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Go Green with your currency hedging

Are you looking for ways to support the green agenda?

Are you looking for ways to support the green agenda?

Are your supply chain and clients talking about ESG?

Go Green: Help safeguard profits and support certified climate and development projects around the world

Momentum is building for corporate reporting on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors. Governments, but also customers and shareholders now expect businesses to demonstrate that they are playing their part in mitigating climate risk.

Western Union Business Solutions are offering the opportunity to accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy while taking advantage of our unparalleled expertise in currency risk management.

Western Union Business Solutions’ Green Hedging initiative redirects some of the proceeds from transactions to certified climate and development projects and then match that amount with their own contribution.

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Current media attention on climate related topics remains high and is likely to continue, with public opinion heavily weighted in favour of action to combat climate change.

Recent comments and actions of the UK government also indicate that climate change will be an increasing factor when formulating regulation in future.

Although currently aimed at large companies, regulations require them to measure Scope 3 emissions (i.e. from supply chain) so it is possible these regulations are already having an impact.

There are also benefits to businesses who take steps now:


Businesses that look to use and manage resources more efficiently can tangibly reduce their operating costs and increase profitability, while improving business preparedness.


Supply chain leaders, investors, shareholders, consumers and employees are increasingly looking to business to adopt ambitious climate-related targets, with some supply chain leaders now formalising climate action in their procurement policies. Stay ahead of the curve.


Left unchecked, climate change represents material risk to business cash flow and economic growth, by increasing operating costs, limiting resource availability, causing shifts in demand, disrupting supply chains and forcing business closures. Prepare for tomorrow, today.

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