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Win a wanderlust bucket trip with Albert’s Schloss!

Prince Albert has named 75 wanderlust destinations around the globe for Schloss lovers to claim and be entered into a prize draw to win the ultimate bucket list trip.

£10,000 worth of bar tabs are also to be won and redeemed across all Manchester, Liverpool, and Birmingham sites

Achtung all adventurists! It’s time to dig through your travel photo album archives for a chance to win an ultimate bucket list trip with Albert’s Schloss and Trending Travel.

Prince Albert’s lust for globetrotting extends beyond the Alpine Europe homage that oozes out of the famous Bier Palace. He’s created a wanderlust list of 75 of the globe’s most inspiring destinations, landmarks and events including the wondrous Reykjavik Blue Lagoons, the depth of Niagara Falls in Canada, the dizzying heights of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and Rio de Janeiro Christ the Redeemer, the famous fields of Glastonbury and the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. One lucky Albert’s Schloss and travel fanatic could win a trip of a lifetime, with a bucket list adventure of their choice in collaboration with Trending Travel.

If you have been to one of Albert’s ultimate destinations and have a photo of you visiting it, then you could be in with a chance to win this ultimate bucket list trip, and at the very least, you could win a bar tab prize of £50 or £100 to claim at your nearest Schloss.

So, check the wanderlust list, dig back into your photo archive, and upload your photo to the Albert’s Schloss website here between 3rd – 31st Jan 2024to enter the bucket list trip draw. Albert’s Schloss will also choose a winner for each destination who will be awarded a £50 or £100 voucher.

Thousands of pounds worth of drinks to be sunk, 75 destinations to be conquered, and a bucket list trip to be won.

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Buckingham Palace – England
Glastonbury – England
Temple Bar – ROI
Giant’s causeway – Northern Ireland
Edinburgh Castle – Scotland
Blue Lagoon – Iceland
Times Square – USA
Niagara Falls – Canada
Route 66 – USA
Yosemite National Park – USA
Caesars Palace – USA
Disneyland California – USA
Bora Bora – French Polynesia
Chichén Itzá – Mexico
Mardi Gras, New Orleans – USA
Pig Beach -Bahamas
Havana – Cuba
Cloud Forest – Costa Rica
The Amazon – Brazil
Machu Picchu – Peru
Easter Island – Chile
Ushuaia – Argentina
Iguazu Falls – Argentina
Patagonia – Chile
Christ the Redeemer – Brazil
Table Mountain – South Africa
Mount Kilimanjaro – Tanzania
Serengeti – Tanzania
Giraffe Hotel – Kenya
Ganvie – Benin
Sahara Desert – Morocco
Marrakech – Morocco
Lisbon – Portugal
Sagrada Familia – Spain
Moulin Rouge – France
Chamonix – France
Brussels – Belgium
Oktoberfest – Germany
Neuschwanstein – Germany
Berlin – Germany
Schönbrunn Palace – Austria
Krakow – Poland
Szechenyi Baths – Hungary
Rome Colosseum – Italy
Dubrovnik Old Town – Croatia
Athens – Greece
Santorini – Greece
Hagia Sophia – Turkey
Cappadocia – Turkey
Pyramids of Giza – Egypt
Petra – Jordan
Burj Khalifa – UAE
Islamabad – Pakistan
River Ganges – India
Holi festival – India
Taj Mahal – India
Everest Base Camp – Nepal
Hanoi – Vietnam
Angkor Wat – Cambodia
Bangkok – Thailand
Full Moon Party, Phuket – Thailand
Gardens by the Bay – Singapore
Bali – Indonesia
Ayers Rock – Australia
Sydney Opera House – Australia
Great Barrier Reef – Australia
Wellington – New Zealand
Tokyo – Japan
Seoul – South Korea
Great Wall of China

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