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Adonis and Neville address the inaugural Talking ‘Bout Regeneration conference

Downtown in Business recently hosted the inaugural Talking ‘Bout Regeneration conference at The Belfry.

Downtown in Business yesterday (Thursday 9th September 2021) hosted the inaugural Talking ‘Bout Regeneration conference at The Belfry.

Bringing together over 200 business leaders and entrepreneurs from across the UK, the conference heard from speakers including Lord Andrew Adonis, Gary Neville, Joanne Roney OBE, Deborah Cadman, Tony Reeves and many more.

Discussing topics ranging from how COVID has affected cities across the country, development, infrastructure and connectivity across the regions and London’s importance to the UK.

Lord Andrew Adonis stated that the gap between London and the rest of the UK could become even greater if Northern leaders do not get their act together.

Whilst Gary Neville discussed the importance of leadership and how he was able to transfer knowledge and skills from his professional footballing career to his businesses.

Look out for an in-depth review in an upcoming newsletter.

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