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The Downtown Den Politics Podcast | 18th February 2024

Whose ‘double whammy’ was worse? It hasn't been a great 7 days for either the prime minister or the Keir Starmer. Frank, Jim and guest Kevin Johnson discuss the latest from the world of politics.

Whose ‘double whammy’ was worse?

Rishi Sunak suffered not one, but two humiliating by-election defeats last week- and rumours abound that a poor showing at the May local elections will likely see a batch of no confidence letters winging their way to the chairman of the 1922 committee, as anxious MPs conclude that giving us a fourth prime minister in as many years will not look like the lunatics taking over the asylum!

Meanwhile, Keir Starmer, basking in another couple of poll victories still has challenges to deal with- most of which are wrapped up in the Middle East conflict.

We’ll be asking if Sunak will survive, and how damaging the past fortnight has been to the Leader of the Opposition.

We will also be taking a look ahead to those local elections and in particular the mayoral contest in the West Midlands.

This week Frank and Jim are joined by Kevin Johnson owner of Urban Communications.




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